About Downslow

Half a century of underground music: Downslow combines Rock, Dub and 80s synthie sounds to mix up his very own – very dark – blend. True to a punkrock “Do it yourself”-attitude, it’s not complex compositions or heavy use of gear he’s focussed on, but loops and atmospheres, brought to a point on a laptop, solely using free software and plug-ins. No further equipment needed.

The “Doom · Dub + Dosenbier” E.P. is an aural six-pack for hanging around busstops: Six tracks with splintered drums, dark drone sounds, swirling syntheziser patterns and musical scraps disappearing in reverb and delay rooms.

While Downslow’s origins go back as far as the early 90s (e.g. with his band “Wavescape”), he just recently started producing again, after a long years of DJing. First sign of life after a nearly 20 years hiatus is the split single “It’s a new Jay/At a new Way”, released in 2017 with fellow DJ At aka Atwashere on his label “Trust in Wax” – which is also putting out “Doom · Dub + Dosenbier”.